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Nanthes’ Park is a small cattle stud in Indigo Valley in North East Victoria. We farm using regenerative agriculture philosophies based on Holistic Managment, Keyline and Natural Sequence Farming principles.


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Our little farm is set in the picturesque Indigo Valley in North East Victoria, not far from Wodonga. We purchased the farm in 2010 and immediately set about transforming it, using regenerative agriculture practices.

British White Cattle

As the name suggests, the British White originated in Britain at Whalley Abbey, mid-Lancashire. They were first imported to Australia by a Mrs Anthony Hordern in 1958, and the breed has since spread throughout Australia.

Featured British Whites

NP Patrick

NP Patrick

British White Bull

Nicholas the Bull


British White Bull

Baby British White


British White Calf

White Lady

British White Heifer

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Our focus is on heritage breed British White Cattle. We choose this breed of cattle primarily for the very high quality of beef they produce, but also for their many other attributes, including their quiet natures, simple management, easy calving, and general hardiness.

Being a small farm, we are able to focus on providing only first class produce – whether that is our stud stock or our beef.

Our aim is to produce the highest quality, most mouth-watering, free range, grass-fed beef possible!

Our Articles

Latest From Nanthes’ Park

Nanthes’ Park on ABC Rural News

I recently participated in an interview with Annie Brown from ABC news. It was a great opportunity to share my knowledge and passion about our particular breed of cattle and shed some light on the recent increase in interest in British Whites. Click here to go to the...

What the ‘Hell’ is Regenerative Agriculture?

In this blog, I am going to venture into where "angels might fear to tread." The world of regenerative agriculture. "What the hell is regenerative agriculture?" I am sure that what I write will be welcome reading to some, infuriate a few and be dismissed by others,...

A Farmer’s 6 Reasons For Raising British White Cattle

For nearly 10 years, we have been breeding British White cattle. Being a rare breed, we started off small with just a few head and have built our herd to over 50 animals – and still growing. We often take our British Whites to local shows where we get lots of interest...

It’s All About The Beef

Welcome to our first blog on the Nanthes Park Cattle website! Last year, someone who is now at the pinnacle of Australian agriculture visited my small farm. When looking at my British White Cattle in the yards they asked: "why do you have this breed?" I replied...

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