Nanthes’ Park Cattle

British White Farmers

Our aim is to produce the highest quality, most mouth-watering, free-range, grass-fed beef possible.

Two purebred British White cattle

Who We Are

Nanthes’ Park is a small cattle stud in Indigo Valley in North East Victoria.

We farm using regenerative agriculture philosophies based on Holistic Managment, Keyline and Natural Sequence Farming principles.

Our Cattle

Our focus is on heritage breed British White Cattle. We choose this breed of cattle primarily for the very high quality of beef they produce, but also for their many other attributes, including their quiet natures, simple management, easy calving, and general hardiness.

NP Patrick


Nanthes’ Park Bulls for sale.


Nanthes’ Park Heifers for sale.

Ravenswood Prado, a British White BullishWhi

Semen Straws

Nanthes’ Park semen straws for sale.


Highlighting British Whites

Being a small farm, we are able to focus on providing only first class produce – whether that is our stud stock or our beef.

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